‘You Give Me Butterflies’ TikTok Song and Lyrics Explained: Amo A Mis

Are you one of those TikTokers who is obsessed with the song ‘You Give Me Butterflies’? Well, If your answer is yes, you might be curious to know more about the song and its lyrics. This article might be a great help for you guys.

As we all knew that, The song You Give Me Butterflies is getting viral on TikTok. Even the Tiktokers who don’t understand the song’s meaning also enjoy the music with full of excitement.

Let’sLet’s find out more information about the song.

Amo A Asis 23.4k Subs: You Give Me Butterflies TikTok Page

You Give Me Butterflies is a popular song created first by Amo A Asis on TikTok. Till now, it has over 808.7k videos on the page. Isn’t that great? From this, we can guess that this song is getting popular and stuck in people’s minds. You can check out the videos at the given link.



♬ You give me butterflies – ✨amo a mis 23.4k subs✨

Many TikTokers are enjoying the song and getting popularity within a day. Why don’t you make a video on the song You Give Me Butterflies? If you haven’t tried it yet, you should do it now. 

You Give Me Butterflies Lyrics Explained.

Even though we can’t understand the whole song except “”raparaparapa””. The part of the song is literally getting stuck in everyone’s mind. As per the source, this song is actually in Arabic. That’s the reason most people can’t understand the lyrics. 

The song lyrics have been translated into English. It seems like it’s a love song. You can find out the song translation in the given link

Who Wrote The Song? Origin Of the Song Explored

The cute and handsome guy named Issam Alnajjar is the writer and singer of the song. He managed to gain popularity with the help of this song. The talented singer is active on Instagram and YouTube. We can sneak peal his profile and singing videos too.

 Issam Alnajjar hails from Jordan. By his looks, he is in his early 20s. We can’t trace his family background at the moment. Overall, he is handsome and young with a unique voice.