Why Did Jedediah Bila Leave Fox News And Where Is She Going Now?

Why Did Jedediah Bila Leave Fox News And Where Is She Going Now?

Why did Jedediah Bila leave Fox News? The television host announced her departure from Fox News on Twitter on May 22.

Jedediah Bila is an American television host, best-known as a co-host on the daytime talk show The View

She was an anchor of the morning news and talk show, Fox and Friends. 

Aside from being a television host, Jedediah is an author and has written two books so far. 

Learn exclusively about where Jedediah is going after her exit from Fox News. 

Why Did Jedediah Bila Leave Fox News?

Television host-author Jedediah Bila announced that she was leaving Fox News after two years of association. 

She did not provide any precise details on why she’s leaving the channel.

But, she mentioned that she had a great time working with the channel and expressed her gratitude to the entire Fox News channel team. 

Also, Fox News confirmed her exit from the channel with a statement on Twitter and gave her best wishes for her future endeavors. 

Where Is Jedediah Bila Going?

Jedediah Bila was vague about her future plans after her departure from Fox News. 

In her tweet, she stated that she was excited about the future. Also, she asked her viewers to join her on the next adventure. 

The statement, as vague as it seemed, hints that Jedediah is probably working on a project. However, the author has not mentioned her future plans yet. 

What Happened Between Jedediah Bila And Fox News?

Many are wondering if there is another reason behind Jedediah Bila’s sudden decision to quit Fox News. 

Contrary to such speculations, Jedediah and Fox News stated that they decided to part ways on amicable terms. There were no hard feelings and the team wished her the best for her future ahead. 

Besides, Jedediah is prudent to not reveal much about her next projects. But, she dropped a hint that her next venture will include a book based on her motherhood journey and experience. 

But, nothing is officially confirmed as of yet.