Who Is Soldier F? Bloody Sunday Victim Name Revealed To Be David Cleary

Who Is Soldier F? Bloody Sunday Victim Name Revealed To Be David Cleary

Soldier F has been facing two murder charges and five attempted murder charges for his involvement in Bloody Sunday.

Soldier F aka David James Cleary, was a former soldier.

The SDLP leader Colum Eastwood used his parliamentary privilege to identify him over his actions on Bloody Sunday.

Who Is Soldier F aka David James Cleary?

Soldier F aka David James Cleary was a former soldier who was involved in Bloody Sunday in 1972.

David was charged with murdering James Wray and William McKinney and accused of attempting murders of Patrick O’Donnell, Joe Mahon, Michael Quinn, and Joseph Friel.

James Cleary had been granted anonymity by the judge hearing the case.

Soldier F Family And Bio

Soldier F family details have not been broadcast publicly.

Most of his personal info has not been shared through any social media or websites.

Apart from his real name and his charge of killing two people, we do not have any intel on his life.

The MP of Foyle, Eastwood told that for 50 years Soldier F has been granted anonymity and not the British Government wants to give him an Amnesty. 

What Happened To Soldier F On Bloody Sunday?

There was enough evidence to persecute one paratrooper named Soldier F for the murders of James Wray and William McKinney.

It was announced on the 2nd of July, 2021 that Soldier F would not face any trial following a decision by the Public Prosecution Service (PPS), as per BBC.

On 30th January 1972, members of the Army’s parachute Regiment opened fire on Civil Rights demonstrators. 

Thirteen people were killed and fifteen people were reported wounded. That day is known as the Bloody Sunday, one of the darkest days of the Northern Ireland troubles.

In 1998, Prime Minister Tony Blair announced that a new inquiry would be held and reported back in 2010. It became the longest-running inquiry in British legal history which cost £200m.