Who Is Moses The Prophet On Tiktok? 

Moses The Prophet is a TikTok with the following of 2579 and 17.9k likes. He had an account under Moses The Prophet, but the account got banned, so he made a new account. 

The new account is under the username mtpseeaboutit. His content is based on a toxic, misogynistic view. He creates TikTok on controversial topics where people have a love-hate relationship with his content. 

He has said statements like having fantasies of children aren’t as bad if you don’t act on it, and he seems to be defending pedophiles. He has a patriarchal ideology and believes in a patriarchal society. 

Moses has talked about equality, and men are above women. He has posted about negro and how Afro Africans are still treated poorly throughout the world. 

The content created by his has been a topic of controversy, and TikTok has banned his account for the content that he has shared. He also has a youtube account with 1k subscribers. 

Moses also shares a similar ideology to Keven Samuel, who was a misogynistic lifestyle and dating coach with a misogynistic idealogy. He is known for devaluing women.  


Moses The Prophet Real Name And Age

The real name of Moses The Prophet hasn’t been revealed yet. He is still known by the world as Moses, The Prophet. 

The Tiktoker hasn’t been much open about his private life, and he has;t even shared his real name yet. 

We don’t know the actual age of Moses. The information on his real age hasn’t been revealed yet. 

Judging by the looks, he seems to be in his forties. We don’t know for sure, though.  

We don’t know where Prophet came from since he hasn’t shared his personal information and information about his family yet. 

Moses the Prophet seems to be of the black race. He seems to be an Afro- American.