Where Is Kiersten Jeter Now?

Kiersten Jeter has been far from the media since the incident that happened in her childhood. She vividly remembers the grim details of the date from 12 years ago. She is presently around the age of 24 or 25.

Kiersten was taken for immediate emergency surgery after being discovered in the bedroom of the Debra-Jeter-abandoned house. She survived. Debra justified her horrible conduct by claiming she was “heartbroken” by her divorce and child custody struggle.

According to her ex-husband, Lester Lee Jeter, “Debra” “figured if she felt that bad, then we all must feel that way,” & “she wanted to wipe away all of our pain.”

Her surviving daughter, Kiersten, was spared from having to testify in court due to the plea deal, avoiding the potential of a death sentence.

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Learn More About Debra Jeter’s Daughter Ages and Husband

Debra Jeter’s daughters, Kelsey, 12, and Kiersten, 13, were 12 and 13 years old at the time of the murder. She & her husband were going through a rough patch in their marriage, and it was affecting their mental health. This was brought about by criminal activity.

Her husband’s name was Lester Lee Jeter. For unknown reasons, Lester filed court proceedings to divorce his wife, Debra, in May 2009.

She attempted suicide in front of her two daughters, whom she shared with Lester Jeter, on May 22 after having a bad reaction to the separation. Debra was temporarily committed to a mental health facility.

Lester filed for divorce the day after Debra attempted suicide, obtained a Debra-Jeter temporary restraining order, and was given temporary custody of his two children.

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What Happened To Kiersten Jeter?

Kelsey and Kiersten, aged 12 and 13, are thrilled to see their mother after a 15-day absence, with Kelsey commenting on her MySpace website. Debra told Lester Lee she was taking the ladies out for a surprise.

Debra drove her girls to an abandoned house off Interstate 77, just past Route 35 in Milford, after picking them up in the afternoon. Kiersten was first attacked with a knife by Debra.

Kiersten shouted for her sibling to run while fending off her mother. Debra’s attention was diverted away from Kiersten and toward Kelsey due to this.

While attempting to defend her sister, Kiersten was stabbed in the back. Unfortunately, their efforts failed, and Debra slit her youngest daughter’s throat, killing her. Sadly, her younger sister did not survive, but Kiersten did, despite suffering multiple injuries.