What Is Pap Ndiaye Religion? Everything To Know About The New Politician

Pap Ndiaye is a French historian specializing in transnational philosophies of race that rely on both American and French political thinking, particularly as they relate to both countries’ African diaspora populations. Since May 2022, he has been the Minister of Education in France’s Borne government.

Since last year, this 56-year-old researcher has been the director of the Paris Immigration Museum. He’s been a professor at Sciences Po Paris for a long time and is an expert on minority issues.


He’s a practitioner who also teaches and has experience in front of a group of pupils! When there is a sense of anxiety among the teachers, he recommends hiring a pedagogue and someone sensitive to diversity and knowledgeable about international concerns.

He told AFP in March 2021 that his nomination as director of the French National Museum of the History of Immigration was a symbol for young “non-whites,” even if it was “d first due” to his work as a historian and “long career as an academic.” He continues, “He assumes himself with his skin color.”

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