Chelsea Ingram’s New Job 2022: Senior Meteorologist At WeatherWorks

The Emmy Nominated meteorologist & environmental scientist Chelsea Ingram seems to have joined WBAL-TV, the television station in Baltimore, Maryland, affiliated with NBC. She surprised her fans by forecasting the weather for the tv station on the 8th of June 2022.

Furthemore, she also works at WeatherWorks, LLC, a private weather consulting firm that aims to provide timely, dependable, and accurate meteorological services to clients. As per her Linkedin, the meteorologist joined the weather forecasting firm in April of 2022, and it has been three months since she rendered her service to the firm. 

Why Did Chelsea Ingram Leave WJZ Weather Team?

Ingram might have left WJZ of CBS Baltimore to exploit the further opportunities on her steps instead of sticking to the same television station. However, she hasn’t disclosed the reason for her departure from the tv-station.

Although the meteorologist has kept the reason confidential, we presume that she got offers from other weather forecasting companies; she is one of the well-known figures with good experience in the forecasting industry.

After announcing her departure from WJZ on the 5th of April 2017, she joined CBS Philly, weather, breaking news, traffic, and sports source for Philadelphia, and worked there from April 2013 to April 2017. Furthermore, Chelsea also worked for ViacomCBS before joining WeatherWorks as its senior meteorologist; moreover, she also paved the way for WBAL-TV.

How Much Is Chelsea Ingram’s Net Worth?

The net worth of Chelsea for serving as an Emmy nominated meteorologist & environmental scientist might be around $1 to $3 million or more or less; she has a decade of experience in broadcasting.

The meteorologist has appeared nationally on the CBS Evening News, CBS This Morning, and CBSN; moreover, she is now working at WBAL-TV; she began her broadcasting career in 2012 as a meteorologist on WVNY TV.

However, Ingram hasn’t disclosed how much she earns through her profession, and neither has she shed light on how much finances she has pilled up in her bank account. Yet we presume that the company she works for provides her with a decent paycheck.

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