Samara Weaving Seems To Have Lost A Lot Of Weight – Here Is Everything To Know About The Valet Actress

Samara Weaving is on hot yoga and hitting her career goals through a healthy diet and workouts.

On the journey from Bay to Hollywood, Samara is the artist, tea Junkie, and yogi. Weaving, 30, doesn’t get obsessive about fitness. She feels like a newborn baby after a good workout.

In an interview with Women’s Health, she would go to the place in LA called Modo Yoga when she doesn’t work. Weaving believes that heavy workout is not appropriate for health.


Samara Weaving featured on the cover page of Women Health Magazine

That’s why she tries to rest as much as she can rather than doing exercise a lot. She always has a small breakfast of tea and fruits in her regular diet, 

Her favorite is eggs, Benedict, and she has lunch around noon. She loves to make a big salad with Spanish rice, shallots, parmesan, capsicum, rocket, and some chicken.