Poppy Ajudha

Poppy Ajudha is a popular American musical artist as well as a music composer. She is popularly known as a singer. Some of her most famous released songs include Love Falls Down, Low Ride, When You Watch Me, etc. Her songs can be easily heard and her music videos can be easily viewed on YouTube as well as some other musical platforms like Deezer, TuneIn, SoundCloud, and Spotify. Her genres are basically R&B and soul. Poppy actually came into the limelight when she released her albums like Femme (Live), Lowlight, Patience, etc.

Quick Facts: Poppy Ajudha

Name Poppy Ajudha
Gender Female
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Musical Artist
Instagram @poppyajudha
Facebook @poppyajudhamusic

She usually releases her songs from the recording label named High Focus Records However, she has now opened her own studio under her own name ‘Poppy Ajudha’. She is really a hard-working musical artist and is currently focused on her career. She wants to grow more and more every day. She has shown a lot of passion for her work. With these abilities, Poppy is becoming successful day by day as her vocals have also been improving lately.

10 Facts About Poppy Ajudha:

  1. Poppy Ajudha is an American who was born in the USA. She spent her entire childhood there.
  2. She is a popular musical artist who has composed various songs like Love Falls Down, Low Ride, When You Watch Me, etc.
  3. Her exact date of birth has not been known. However, she seems to be in her late twenties.
  4. Poppy’s height, as well as weight, remains a mystery to date.
  5. It is believed that she received her entire education in the USA. 
  6. The estimated net worth of Poppy is not yet known. However. she has told the media that her entire information will be known very soon.
  7. She strongly believes that her private life has nothing to do with her professional career which is why she hasn’t revealed much about her love life as well as parents.
  8. Currently, Poppy has been residing in her hometown in the USA.
  9. She is seen sometimes active on various social media platforms including Instagram and Facebook.
  10. In fact, she has gained more than 22,1 thousand followers on her Instagram account and more than 7100 followers on her official Facebook page.