Obituary: Who Was Paul Murdaugh Girlfriend and Wife? Net Worth Exposed

South Carolina’s reputed family member, Paul Murdaugh, who allegedly killed his then-girlfriend, Mallory, is now dead. Take a look at what happened to him.

Paul Murdaugh was a celebrity family member. He is the son of a famous attorney and long-time prosecutor, Richard Alexander Murdaugh.

Paul was found dead along with his mother, Maggie, in their family’s 1,700-acre property.

The bodies were first discovered by Alex. Currently, the investigation is ongoing.

Obituary: Paul Murdaugh Girlfriend And Wife

Paul Murdaugh and Mallory Beach were boating in Beaufort County. The boat driver was Paul, who shoved, spitted on, and slapped her. As a result, the boat crashed, and Mallory died.

Upon further investigation, it was revealed that Murdaugh was drunk when the incident happened.

The cashier who sold him liquor was aware of Paul’s powerful family.

Thus, Murdaugh was facing felony charges for being responsible for the boat crash in which Beach lost her life.


Paul Murdaugh Net Worth Explained

Paul Murdaugh had a hefty net worth, but it could not save him from the ultimate death.

His family is quite influential and has properties here and there. Moreover, they are the shareholders of a popular law firm, PMPED.

To be accurate, Paul lived an extravagant life till he was alive. Also, he was shot to death on his 1,700-acre property.

Paul Murdaugh: Prosecutors Family Shot To Death

The family members of the prosecutor, Richard Alexander Murdaugh, are being targeted.

Paul Murdaugh was one of Alex’s children. He, along with his mother, Maggie, was shot with different weapons: a shotgun and an assault rifle. 

The two of them were shot in an execution style. The crime scene was ugly, and South Carolina’s police have started investigating the double homicide.

Looking at the incident, it resembles an act of revenge. The families or friends of the person that Alex prosecuted in the past might be behind all this.