Lavasoa, Fort Dauphin, Madagascar

Location & regionMadagascar, this extensive exceptional island is a legendary destination having fed dreams for a long time. The Indian OceanFor hundreds of kilometers north and south of Fort Dauphin the coastline offers a succession of very jagged headlands connected by vast sandy bays. The National Park AndohelaThe largest and most beautiful, most natural park, the National Park Andohela is accessible from 3 sites. National Park Cap Ste MarieMuch farther away (7 to 8 hours from Fort Dauphin), this smalleer National Park is an introduction to the country Androy (or country of thorns). The Berenty Private ReserveRenowned in many tourist guides, it is a 3:30-hour car drive from Fort Dauphin (one way).



Taolagnaro, Madagascar, Fort Dauphin,


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