Lance O’Brien: Everything On Tanya Roberts Rumored Boyfriend

Lance O’Brien: Everything On Tanya Roberts Rumored Boyfriend

Lance O’Brien is the rumored boyfriend of the famous American actress, Tanya Roberts. As per reports, the two are believed to be married however, no sources have officially confirmed their amalgamation. As a matter of fact, the pair is incredibly low-key about their marriage. No wonder, very little about Lance is known at present. 

Lance O’Brien is currently in the news following a bizarre incident. He first came forward to give an interview to Inside Edition following Tanya’s untimely death. He along with their Rep had released an official statement confirming the actress’s death.

Quick Facts:

Name Lance O’Brien
Age 65-66
Gender Male
Nationality American
Net Worth
Married/Single Married
Wife Tanya Roberts

In a surprise turn of events, while filming the interview, he received a phone call from the hospital where it was revealed that Tanya was in fact alive. The incident has sparked Twitter outrage ever since the news of her fake death has surfaced. 

10 Facts on Lance O’Brien

  1. Lance O’Brien is better known as the rumored boyfriend and husband of Tanya Roberts. Ever since the news of her fake death has surfaced, Lance is hogging the media coverage.
  2. Although Lance O’Brien’s real age hasn’t surfaced, he could easily be in his mid-60s. 
  3. Since he isn’t half as famous as his celebrity spouse, the Wikipedia page for Lance O’Brien naturally does not exist. Nevertheless, the man who identifies himself as Tanya Roberts’s husband is hogging all the spotlight following the bizarre episode.
  4. Speaking of his finances, Lance’s net worth is kept confidential. However, his famous wife reportedly has an estimated net worth of $10 million. 
  5. Since the couple kept their marriage a low-key affair, it is obscured as to when Lance tied the knot with the blonde beauty.
  6. Reports suggest that the two lived together in Hollywood Hills, California. No sources have revealed any information as to whether or not the pair have any children of their own.
  7. Tanya Robert’s Boyfriend Lance O’Brien is a commoner with no connection to Hollywood. 
  8. According to the sources, his partner, Tanya Roberts collapsed on Christmas Eve after walking their pet dog with her partner. 
  9. Lance happens to be the second husband of Tanya Roberts. She was previously married to screenwriter, Barry Roberts. 
  10. Her former husband died in 2006 after four and a half years of fighting encephalitis. Tanya was only 19 when she had married her first husband.