Is Altiyan Childs Still Alive? Freemason Religion & Net Worth

Is Altiyan Childs still alive? To know everything about the 2010 X Factor Australia winner, keep reading.

Altiyan Childs is an Australian singer/songwriter who won The X Factor Australia in 2010.

He then signed with Sony Music Australia. He has released two studio albums, Altiyan Childs and Born Before the Sun.

Freemason: Altiyan Childs – Is He Still Alive? Where Is He?

Altiyan Childs seems to be alive. However, his whereabouts remain unknown.

The X-Factor winner revealed the secrets of Freemasonry via a 5-hour-long video on YouTube. Masonry is a fraternal organization that dates back to local guilds of stonemasons from the 13th century. However, many conspiracy theories surround it.

Some say that Freemasonry celebrates debauchery, sodomy, incest, and bestiality. There is also a belief that it and witchcraft are the same.

According to Altiyan, the punishment for someone who renounces the vows of the cult is death. He posted a video in June 2021 on YouTube to prove that Freemasonry and Satanism are the same and that the Freemasons control the globe.

I know it is long but if you watch in parts your eyes will open more, giving you a better understanding of the nefarious intent of many people you will no longer admire.

XFactor Winner Altiyan Childs Risks His Life & Exposes EVERYTHING

— John R Hobbs (@apg_rocks) December 10, 2021

In the video, he announces that he puts his life on the line for abandoning his vows. Once, he fell asleep while driving but avoided the crash into a brick wall. He seemingly heard a whisper in his ear, waking him up.

Childs also says that almost every world leader, from politics to business and even entertainment, made it through Freemasonry. The musician shares his insider perspective and warning of the upcoming Luciferian New World Order in the video. 

He has had a few controversies in the past. The police arrested his manager on 4 April 2011 after they raided his house and uncovered a chemical lab for manufacturing prohibited drugs. Days before the raid happened, he moved out of the property, which he shared with other housemates, including his manager.  

And in January 2012, Taree Local Court found him guilty of having methamphetamine and marijuana in his system. The traffic officer pulled him over while driving in November 2011. 

Altiyan Childs Religion 

As for the religion of Altiyan Childs, he seems to have been a believer in Freemasonry.

The musical artist hasn’t disclosed it publically. Nonetheless, his five-hour-long video certainly makes you feel that he was into that old religion.

He was crowned the winner of the second season of X Factor Australia in 2010, but Altiyan Childs retreated from the spotlight shortly after his win.

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Altiyan Childs Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Altiyan Childs is $9 million.

His source of income is music streams/sales and brand endorsements (if any). Considering how successful his albums have done commercially, the estimations seem accurate. 

Altiyan’s debut single Somewhere in the World was among the top ten in Australia and New Zealand. Likewise, his self-titled debut album is platinum-certified. Further, he also played the role of Jesus Christ Superstar in 2016. That gig probably added some amount to his net worth.