Ciusism Meaning TikTok: What Does The Word ‘Ciusism’ Actually Mean?

Ciusism Meaning TikTok: What Does The Word ‘Ciusism’ Actually Mean?

The fresh, trending term on TikTok, Ciusism meaning remains a mystery.

The term ‘ciusism’ has been making the rounds on TikTok, but nobody knows its actual meaning.

The comment sections were filled with individuals typing the word ‘ciusism,’ leaving many creators puzzled and frustrated with the feedback. Some even got freaked out by the virality of the meaningless word.

But, it’s not the first time a random term or hashtag has trended on TikTok.

Ciusism Meaning On TikTok



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The word ‘Ciusism’ actually does not mean anything; it was a random word given to the users by TikTok @gadonkoze. She said it was an experiment and wanted her followers to comment down the word in the next video they watch. She also was clear that there should not be any explanation about the word. 

‘Ciusism’ is just an experiment to see how far a random word can travel on the internet before people realize that the trend was born out of a void. The author of the word ‘Ciusism’ @gadonkoze belongs to the black community and has over 263.5k people following her on TikTok. 

How Did Internet React To ‘Ciusism’ Trend?


Reply to @eva.hesse Essentially live and let live, love and let love ##ciusism ##religion ##notacult ##queer ##haitian ##blacktiktok

♬ original sound – W

In the past couple of days, the internet has been searching for the meaning of the word ‘Ciusism.’ Thousands of people search for its implication on the internet but have been disappointed after not finding a satisfactory answer. Popular search engines like google and bing often suggest similar words when searched for ‘Ciusism.’ 

There has been some success in defining the term ‘Cicusim’ on the internet. Some web pages have linked the word with positivity and self-care. 

As per the author of the word ‘ciusism,’ it is a way of life for people. Ciusism is a religion based on a revolutionary yet simple concept of minding one’s own business and not interfering with others. 

With the recent trend of ‘ciusism,’ we can conclude that TikTok is a potent tool for creating trends as words without a meaning can travel so far on the internet.