Chelsea Wolfe BMX Before And After – Her Teeth And Transition

Chelsea Wolfe BMX had a different life before and after she revealed her gender transition. What happened to her teeth? Let us know more.

Chelsea is a BMX cyclist. She is set to represent Team USA at the Tokyo Olympics as an alternate rider.

Chelsea Wolfe BMX Before And After

Chelsea Wolfe BMX, before identifying as trans, competed with male athletes.

Wolfe created history after she qualified for the Tokyo Olympics 2021.

In fact, she is the first openly transgender woman to represent Team USA in Olympics. She put out her words for her historic achievement in an Instagram post.

To point out, Chelsea concealed her identity as a transgender for several years before revealing it. She came out as a trans woman in 2014. Wolfe says she received a positive response from most of her fellow riders.

Besides, Wolfe has not revealed when she had gender transitions. 

Chelsea feared not being one of the female athletes before she revealed her identity. She says she did not think a young trans girl like her could ever be a professional athlete.

Chelsea, before being an Olympian,  has competed at the World Cup for the US. Also, she will be representing her national team at the World Championships after a year.

Chelsea Wolfe BMX Teeth and Transition: What Happened To Her Teeth?

Chelsea Wolfe’s teeth were smashed in an accident.

Wolfie revealed she crushed her jaw when she flipped over the handlebars. During the accident, six of her front teeth were smashed out.

In addition, Chelsea’s lips were split into two places. It seems like Wolfe had a transition to fix her teeth. Her teeth are normal as of now. She has a pretty good smile.

Chelsea Wolfe BMX Threatens To Burn US Flag

Chelsea Wolfe, a year before, had vowed to burn a US Flag.

In one of her Facebook posts, Wolfe said that she would burn a flag of the US on the podium. Also, she revealed her wish to compete in an Olympics game to do so.

However, Chelsea has deleted the Facebook post. In fact, she had made those vows against the treatment of trans children by national authorities.

Besides, she made clear she stands against any fascism.