Anthony Albanese Found Out His Father Carlo Albanese Was Still Alive When He Was 14: The Prime Minister-Designate Of Australia Had Humble Beginnings

Anthony Albanese has an exciting family history as he got raised by his mother, Maryanne Ellery, who lied to him about her marriage and husband.

His mom told Anthony that Carlo lost his life in a car accident while still alive. However, Maryanne later came clean with his son and disclosed that the wedding ring on her hand was fake, and she never walked down the aisle with Carlo.

Anthony Albanese and his beloved mother Maryanne Ellery

Furthermore, Albanese and Ellery had their encounter in March of 1962 on a voyage from Sydney to Southampton on the Sitmar Line’s TSS Fairsky. Still, they didn’t continue their relationship as he was already engaged to another girl. So, they created a story of him being dead to carry on their lifestyles which later came to light with Ellery’s honesty.