Andrew Symonds and Shane Warne Friendship Through The Years, The Cricketing World Loses Two Gems In A Year

Through the years, Andrew Symonds and Shane Warne’s friendship was pure that many people were aware of their bond.

Cricket fans are mourning the death of Andrew Symonds, who died in a car accident overnight, shocking cricket lovers. The 46-year-old former all-rounder was killed in a single-car accident in Queensland at 10.30 p.m. on Saturday, as per NZ Herald.

Andrew Symonds and Shane Warne Friendship Through The Years
Andrew Symonds and Shane Warne were friends for a long time. For most of their playing career, they shared a locker room. Their friendship was well known to everyone. It has been a tragic year because Australian cricket lost three legends.

As per Sports Yahoo, Shane Warne and Rod Marsh died in an interval of 24 hours in March. And, Symond’s death is the third one that has left everyone heartbroken.

Both Warne and Marsh suffered heart attacks, which shocked the Australian cricket community. At the time, the 46-year-old Symonds shared many images of himself and Warne on social media, writing he was devastated and felt like a nightmare to him.

He said that he felt like crap thinking that he would not be able to see him again. Now, the cricketer himself is reported to have died in a car accident.

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Andrew Symonds Raised In An Adopted Family

Andrew Symonds was raised in an adopted family. According to Wikipedia, one of his biological parents was of Afro-Caribbean ethnicity, while the other was of Danish or Swedish ancestry.

He was adopted by Ken and Barbara when he was a few months old. They moved to Australia shortly after his adoption. He has three siblings- one of which is adoptive, and the other two are non-adoptive. Louise Symonds is his adoptive sibling.

Does Andrew Symonds Have A Wife and Kids?

Andrew Symonds had a wife named Brooke Symons. They got married in 2004 but separated in 2005.

He has three children, as per some sources. His daughter’s name is Chloe Symonds, but the name of his sons is not revealed yet. The pictures of his daughter and a son are seen on the internet, but the rumors say that he has three children.

Moreover, it is not disclosed who his kids’ mother is because his marriage only lasted for a year. And, there is no information about him and Brooke dating a long time before getting married.